(4) Wormy meadows
No. of Undead 668
Available Money $355
Secrets 2
Weapon Parts 1
Flak Vest Parts 1

Wormy meadows is the fourth stage of Splatter and takes place in a mostly forested area infested with worms. This level harbors the automatic rifle weapon.

Overview Edit

The level begins when Max is dropped off in the area by the unnamed ally from the previous level, telling him that he'll have to walk the rest of the way. Unlike the first two levels, moving east is the main goal of this map. The automatic rifle is located near the beginning of the level.

As the name of the stage suggests, there is a large infestation of worms that are immune to bullets but repelled by bright light like most other monsters. Often, the swarms of worms will be guarding helpful pick-ups around them. Max will have to pass through a total of three separate swarms before encoutering a character named Jenny.

Jenny will request Max's assistance in fending off one final large swarm of worms while she refills her car with gas. All of the worms can be easily destroyed by allowing them to near the combustible barrels and detonating them when they are close enough, burning the worms in a chain reaction that spreads to other worms. Additionally, a sufficiently upgraded automatic rifle can be used to ignite the worms and flares will easily repel them as well. Once Jenny is finished, she will tell Max to get in and the two will drive away to the next level.

Secrets Edit

Map Location Rewards
Secret4a The first secret is located in a small building directly north of the second swarm of worms found in the level. $25, 150 automatic rifle ammo, 8 flares, a flak jacket piece
Secret4b The second secret is located directly north of the third swarm of worms inside a gas station. All of the loot is hidden under crates. $30, 8 shotgun ammo

Achievements Edit

Achievement Prerequisite
Thecrawlingdisease The crawling disease Survive the worm invasion