(5) We, the remains
No. of Undead 94
Available Money $255
Secrets 3
Weapon Parts 1
Flak Vest Parts 0

We, the remains is a fairly peaceful level that has no monsters until the end and doesn't allow Max to carry weapons. It also has various NPC's that can be interacted with.

Overview Edit

This level is a former ecological farm that now serves as a refugee camp for the remaining survivors of the apocalypse. Max and Jenny arrive to the camp in Jenny's car after an incident in Wormy meadows. As long as Max stays in the camp, he is not allowed to have weapons on him as per the orders of the camp's leader, Helena.

There are many places to explore and a fair amount of secrets to find for cash rewards. This level is unique in that there are no monsters, acting as a hub for two other levels that are completely optional. While Max is staying, Helena requests he help the remaining survivors in the camp by completing the optional levels: A bug's nest and Abandoned military base. Completing both will make Helena grateful, and she will reward Max with the level's weapon part.

Regardless of weather or not Max chooses to help the survivors, he is allowed to leave at any time by talking to Jenny. Doing so will result in a sudden zombie attack at the southern border of the camp. By having done the two optional missions, the severity of the attack will be greatly lessened. After fending off the zombies, Max will proceed to the next level. In the event that all able men are lost to the zombies during the attack, the player will lose and have to start the level over.

After the credits roll on completing the game, Max returns to this area only to find it ravaged by destruction, leaving the fate of its inhabitants unknown.

Secrets Edit

Map Location Rewards
Secret5a The first secret is located in a small brick building across a bridge on the very south-eastern corner of the camp, somewhat near Mike. $70
Secret5b The second secret is in a small shed behind the smithy to the east. It is locked behind a door which can only be opened after collecting a small, obscure key sitting on a table inside the smithy. $55
Secret5c The third secret is on the northern end of the map hidden in an alcove inside a stony hill. The alcove is difficult to see until Max moves near it, revealing its entirety. The coins within the alcove, however, will give off a glow even before being revealed, giving away the location of the secret. $70

Achievements Edit

Achievement Prerequisite
Akeymoment A Key moment The key to everything, and then some
Secretcave Secret Cave Find the secret cave behind the bushes