(3) The streets are alive
No. of Undead 244
Available Money $120
Secrets 0
Weapon Parts 0
Flak Vest Parts 0

The streets are alive is the third level of Splatter and is unique from others in the fact that there is no exploration; Max is at the mercy of an unnamed NPC driving the two through the level.

Overview Edit

Because there is no way to explore the level freely, there are no secrets to be found, including weapon parts and flak vest parts, and has a small amount of money to be had. The stage begins when a truck driven by an unnamed driver crashes through a barrier gate. The stranger reveals himself to be an ally and instructs Max to hop into the back of the truck and man a machine gun turret.

The level is straight-forward with no means of becoming lost with the vehicle moving Max through the city to gun down zombies as they get near and passing by many survivors. Eventually, a group of six survivors is found fending off multiple hordes of zombies and the driver decides to aid them by driving around the block they are stranded on in order for Max to shoot down the monsters. If all six of the citizens survive, the player is rewarded with the full $120 in the level, $20 per survivor. Max is then taken to the next level.

Achievements Edit

Achievement Prerequisite
Survivaloftheunfit Survival of the Unfit Help all 6 park defenders to survive