(6) The machine runs on
No. of Undead 303
Available Money $805
Secrets 2
Weapon Parts 1
Flak Vest Parts 1

The machine runs on takes place mainly in an abandoned factory and a laboratory full of chemical waste.

Overview Edit

In this level, Max finds himself at the entrance of an abandoned factory in what appear to be the middle of a forest.

Upon entering, there will be a couple of hordes of zombies followed by a conveyor belt that Max must travel on while avoiding being crushed by machines. That is followed by a room with multiple ruptured pipes that leak flammable gas which ignite for a few seconds and should be avoided. In this room, a zombie attack will commence that Max must defend himself from, although the flames from the pipes will also damage the monsters.

In the next room is yet another conveyor belt, only it is deactivated and has a boulder wedged through the path where Max needs to go. A nearby control panel will activate the conveyor belt, dislodging the boulder and also carrying several zombies on the belt straight to Max; preparation is recommended before turning on the machine. Once the boulder is dislodged, the conveyor belt should be turned off in order for Max to proceed.

After the factory comes a laboratory with several pools of chemical waste spread across the remainder of the level. The pools are toxic and making contact with them will damage Max rapidly until he moves away. Max will eventually encounter a swarm of worms. As always, the worms are immune to bullets, however, the flares can be used to easily coax them into the toxic waste, killing them quickly. Additionally, the grenade launcher can be just as effective.

The following room has several vats of waste than can be easily walked into and a second zombie attack will occur here. Fortunately, the zombies do not have fantastic pathfinding when chasing Max, causing them to run through the chemical waste and burn to death. Enough zombies killed this way will reward the player with an achievement.

Finally, after exiting the lab, Max will be chased by, strangely enough, a large surge of electricity from a nearby generator through a long, narrow yard. Collecting all of the pick-ups while escaping from the electrical surge can prove risky as stopping for loot can be detrimental. There will also be several zombies attempting to stop Max from moving forward. The goal is to reach the end of the yard and finding a building with a control panel that opens a nearby gate, allowing Max to safely escape the scene.

Secrets Edit

Map Location Rewards
Secret6a The first secret is clearly visible from the entrance of the factory located on an elevated platform that can only be reached by entering the factory and finding the exit to the platform. $25
Secret6b The second secret is located in a rather inconspicuous alcove connected to the room with the busted, flaming pipes after the first conveyor belt. The coins are hidden under crates. $25

Achievements Edit

Achievement Prerequisite
Flowwiththecurrent Flow with the current Survive the electric chase
Notknownfortheirwits Not known for their wits Dissolve 5 zombies in acid