(8) The last train
No. of Undead 336
Available Money $355
Secrets 1
Weapon Parts 0
Flak Vest Parts 0

The last train takes place in an urban landscape in the beginning and moves underground into a subway station. Here, Max discovers the flamethrower weapon.

Overview Edit

The level begins in another cityscape full of undead but also has various useful pick-ups. A short walk west will put Max in front of the entrance to a subway station where the majority of the level takes place.

After entering the building and moving past a set of stairs and escalators, Max will find the flamethrower in front of a nest of spiders, remarking that he is getting used to taking weapons from corpses. The level continues west past a couple of restrooms and into the main waiting area. A train arrives full of zombies, opening its doors and allowing Max to board it.

At this point, Max becomes trapped on the train, facing waves of several types of monsters. The first few waves involve the doors opening while the train is moving, allowing zombies to enter from the front and back. This is followed by a couple of carts running on a track beside Max's train with fire-spitting zombies; the center joint of the train and it's doors near the front and back can be used as shields to avoid damage. After the zombies are taken out, the carts reveal their automatic turrets which fire rapidly and also need to be destroyed. Once all of the waves have been defeated, Max is taken to the area boss' arena.

The boss is a large worm with eggs attached to its sides. It is accompanied by several zombies which it uses to attack Max. During the fight, Max will still be in the train and the train will circle around the arena. The boss slithers around and has a few attacks: it is able to spit fire which Max must hide behind one of the train's barrier walls to avoid and it can swallow zombies, encasing them in a pod and spitting them out inside the train where they will hatch and attack Max. The boss fight is divided into two parts. The first part requires Max to shoot all of the eggs off of the worm's sides which can be difficult considering the angle at which weapons need to be fired while the train is moving, the worm's current position, and all of the walls that can block Max's shots. After all of the eggs are destroyed, the boss regains all of its health but is susceptible to attacks from anywhere now. Once the boss is defeated, Max can proceed to the next level.

Secrets Edit

Map Location Rewards
Secret8a A secret is located in an alley just before entering the train station. It is on the south side of the building near the entrance. The loot is hidden under crates. $45

Achievements Edit

Achievement Prerequisite
Publictransportmadness Public transport madness Survive the subway journey