Sprecher max
Sex Male
Status Alive
Portrayed by Falk Schulze

Max is the protagonist of the game, Splatter, following his adventure through urban and rural landscapes in order to eliminate the source of the zombie outbreak.

Personality Edit

Max is mostly a loner, describing his ability to cooperate with others as poor. He is sarcastic, has a dry sense of humor, and does not seem very bothered by the occurring events of zombies and death. Max is shown to have a slightly soft side as he shows regret for taking the life of something living, even if that life is malicious in all intents, although his ability to comfort and humor other survivors is lackluster.

History Edit

Very little is known about Max prior to the events of Splatter. He lived alone in a small apartment in the city when zombies first began attacking in his area.

Abilities Edit

Max is clearly formidable with firearms and other weapons, being able to hold his own against hordes of zombies that even military units had apparently succumbed to. He is also skillful in his ability to modify and augment weapons, upgrading them to have additional effects and devastating power.