Looks like a complex, technical object; hard to tell from behind the muzzle but after holding the trigger for a second, it blasts out a blindingly bright ray of energy.
Laser rifle
Waff gross5
Location The city is burning
Max. Ammo 600

The laser rifle is the final weapon that can be obtained in order of finding them and is considerably powerful, boasting power and accuracy. Similar to the automatic rifle, the laser rifle is useful for taking down stronger enemies due to its more focused attack style. It comes with an inconvenient charging period when the trigger is pulled but the resulting beam can defeat several enemies quickly. This weapon is one of the most useful during a boss fight as it's easy to focus the beam compared to other firearms which have spreading bullets that can easily miss.

On upgrading, the weapon's damage increases, the charge time is reduced, and it gains the ability to push away and ignite targets. It also gains a laser pointer for better accuracy.

Upgrades Edit

Upgrade Price Additions
$300 I think I found the battery on that thing. Blew out the dirt and pushed it back in until I heard a promising "click", and now the charging time is halved. The beam's a bit stronger, too.
$500 The new focusing optics augment the beam with some subatomic particles, which concentrate the beam energy and adds another 20% of power. This pushes the targets away! A smaller laser acts as a pointer, mounted on the barrel allowing for more precise aiming.
$750 No charging phase anymore! The new charge logic achieves an instant beam that discharges as soon as the trigger is pulled. The improved beam is so hot that it ignites the targets fast!
$1000 This outputs the heat of a star, all concentrated in one, tiny barrel. The beam, which is discharged when pulling the trigger, is now so burning hot it almost instantly ignites enemies and surroundings.
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