Sprecher astrid
Sex Female
Status Unknown
Portrayed by Amber Gangi

Jenny, commonly referred to as Jen, is a minor protagonist in the game, Splatter. She is the most recurring character, often finding herself being saved by Max.

Personality Edit

History Edit

Jen first encounters Max while filling her car with gasoline, requesting his assistance in keeping away the worms while she refills her car. After escaping the ambush of several worms, the two make their way to a refugee camp built in an ecological farm where Max is asked aid the remaining survivors.

Max saves Jenny a second time when he is asked to investigate an abandoned factory only to encounter Jen and a small group of armed refugees barricaded within the building. Jen was looking for supplies for the farm when her car failed her, leading her to hide in the factory. The group makes an escape and is lead to safety in a military camp where Jen and the others rest before relocating with the others to an unknown location.

The refugee camp is later found by Max ravaged by destruction and Jenny's fate is left unknown.

Trivia Edit

  • Despite being named Jenny, her image file refers to her as "Astrid."