A semi-automatic small arms weapon with nearly unlimited ammunition. If all else fails, a weapon I can rely on.
Waff gross0
Location Off this world
Max. Ammo Unlimited

The handgun, also known as a pistol, is the first weapon obtained in the introductory level of the game. It is the most fundamental weapon as it is fairly weak compared to others but will never run out of ammunition. As such, it is the most reliable weapon if others run out of ammo and can become decently powerful when upgraded.

Unlike other weapons, the handgun can become fully upgraded for free by finding and collecting all of its golden components spread across various levels. This means that players may save their money to use on the rest of their weapons if they choose to hold off on upgrading the handgun, and are confident they can collect every scattered weapon part.

On upgrading, the handgun gains increased damage, multiple shots in quick succession, and small flashes of light that repel monsters. It also gains a laser sight for better accuracy.

Upgrades Edit

Upgrade Price Additions
$300 Modified bullets inflict 20% more damage. The heavier bullets also stop enemies faster. A small laser pointer aids me in aiming.
$500 I modified the trigger to release two shots in quick succession. This also increases spreading and the bullets need to be lighter again, but the double shots easily make up for it.
$750 A slight dose of magnesium does wonders, with every hit acting a bit like throwing a flare - the fear of my enemies is my ally.
$1000 The ultimate handgun: Three heavy bullets in quick succession, each with a proper amount of magnesium. They cause huge amounts of damage and drives back anything, if it's still standing.
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