The flame thrower looks a bit like a gardening pump, but still I don't want to be at the wrong end of it.
Waff gross6
Location The last train
Max. Ammo 600

The flamethrower is a very unique weapon in that it is not a traditional firearm. The flamethrower inflicts fire damage directly as opposed to being a byproduct of a bullet or explosive device and immediately sets enemies on fire, inflicting damage over time until the flames go out or the enemy dies. Unfortunately, the flamethrower has a very short reach and requires close quarters with monsters to be effective. This weapon is particularly useful against the bullet-proof worms as the burning damage easily penetrates their defenses and their slow speed makes them less threatening when getting near them.

On upgrading, the flamethrower gains increased damage, increased range distance, and the ability to create shockwaves that push enemies away.

Upgrades Edit

Upgrade Price Additions
$300 I found more combustible fuel to operate the flame thrower, which now burns 20% hotter - Sadly, its reach is still rather short.
$500 The new hydraulics achieve almost twice the pressure as before! The stream of flame is much more powerful & now has further reach.
$750 A small supercharger mixes additional air into the stream which causes the flame to burn even higher. It works even when not used - pulling the trigger after a few seconds of non-use releases the built-up pressure into a shockwave of flames that pushes away and burns everything in my path.
$1000 This is the largest compressor I could fit in! This gives a stronger combustion and the fire shockwave is ready to be unleashed after a two second charge!
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