The array of equipment found in the game is comprised mainly of weapons, essential items in surviving against the various types of zombies in Splatter. Each weapon is unique and often have their place in different situations. Weapons can be upgraded four times, giving them various additional benefits such as increased damage and add-on elements such as a laser sight.

Additionally, there are also defensive pieces of equipment to collect, including a flak jacket for sustaining damage and flares to repel monsters.

Weapons Edit

Weapon Description Location
Waff bild0 Handgun A semi-automatic small arms weapon with nearly unlimited ammunition. If all else fails, a weapon I can rely on. Off this world
Waff bild1 Shotgun A classic in every apocalypse, the shotgun. Hits hard at short distance and throws back the enemy. What more could you hope for? Off this world
Waff bild2 Automatic rifle An automatic rifle, apparently standard military equipment. Shoots up to 10 rounds per second. Press against shoulder and point in the general direction of the enemy until it stops moving! Wormy meadows
Waff bild3 Grenade launcher This clumsy weapon primarily consists of a huge barrel that fires grenades using a propelling charge, detonating upon impact. A bug's nest
Waff bild4 Missile launcher This... instrument... is carried in your lower arm and shoots small rocket-propelled missiles in slow succession. Returning across peaceful fields
Waff bild5 Laser rifle Looks like a complex, technical object; hard to tell from behind the muzzle but after holding the trigger for a second, it blasts out a blindingly bright ray of energy. The city is burning
Waff bild6 Flamethrower The flame thrower looks a bit like a gardening pump, but still I don't want to be at the wrong end of it. The last train

Defenses Edit

Equipment Location
Waff bild7 Flares Temple of Consumption
Flak jacket Wormy meadows