An automatic rifle, apparently standard military equipment. Shoots up to 10 rounds per second. Press against shoulder and point in the general direction of the enemy until it stops moving!
Automatic rifle
Waff gross2
Location Wormy meadows
Max. Ammo 400

The automatic rifle is a swift-firing weapon that shoots 10 bullets per second, allowing it to easily subdue single targets and small hordes in a very short amount of time. It is especially effective for inflicting large amounts of damage in rapid succession against bosses and durable monsters, but can do poorly without the use of flares against very large hordes.

On upgrading, the automatic rifle gains increased damage, increased firing speed, and eventually the ability to ignite monsters. It also gains a laser pointer for better accuracy.

Upgrades Edit

Upgrade Price Additions
$300 Even for the automatic, there's heavier ammo that inflicts 20% more damage. The downside? Slightly increased spreading.
$500 Exchange a few parts at the loading mechanism and suddenly the weapon puts out 25% more bullets. The added laser pointer and the new front grip help to reduce spreading and accuracy.
$750 Tracer ammunition! Now every fourth shot paints a bright line in the air, which also causes 20% more damage. Light against the dark hordes is pathetic, but effective.
$1000 I don't believe this is even intended to be used as ammo for this gun. These tracer bullets burn so hot that they ignite the target; however, the improved damage is hardly worth mentioning.
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