(5.1) A bug's nest
No. of Undead 253
Available Money $415
Secrets 1
Weapon Parts 1
Flak Vest Parts 1

A bug's nest is one of two optional levels available through We, the remains and takes place in a cavern infested with fiery beetles. The level can be accessed by speaking with Dan and houses the grenade launcher.

Overview Edit

The level starts off in a cave entrance with a few zombies nearby. The direction players will be headed in is mostly north. Max will quickly discover several red beetle monsters and the grenade launcher. After picking the weapon up, he will have to face several swarms of small beetles accompanied by larger beetles that spit fire in a gauntlet-style fight with one wave following another. The beetles are immune to bright light from flares and other sources but can be walked past by moving slowly as they are blind and respond to movement.

Moving further into the level, the cave quickly turns into a complex of tunnels to explore with several zombies of the variety that ambush Max from around a corner. Near the center of the tunnels is, oddly enough, a toilet that can be discovered for an achievement to which Max will exclaim "What the fuck?"

Further north still, Max will eventually discover a clearing full of zombies where the roof of the cave has collapsed, allowing rain to pour through. From there the path winds a bit before finally reaching the boss, a giant mother beetle.

The boss is capable of a few moves. It can spit a stream of fire which will require Max to move behind one of the rocks surrounding the arena. Occasionally, the boss will burrow into it's nest to heal itself and must be lured out before too much healing has occurred. This can be done by tossing a grenade or flare near the nest, causing her to come out and eat the projectile. If player's are not careful in aiming the grenade launcher, the mother beetle will eat it before it detonates. This boss will also periodically give birth to small beetles that will run at Max, however, using the grenade launcher repeatedly will likely kill all of the offspring before they have a chance to move away. Killing the boss finishes the level and returns Max to the previous level.

Secrets Edit

Map Location Rewards
Secret5.1a The secret is located after the gauntlet with swarms of fire beetles in the southeast corner of the section with the winding tunnels. The secret is visibly behind a wall that can be opened via an obscure panel directly west of the secret. The only indicator of the panel's existence is a feint green glow. Within the secret area are two large zombies. $20, a flak jacket piece

Achievements Edit

Achievement Prerequisite
Whereevenlightfailed Where even light failed Solve the village's insect problem
Itmustbeart It must be Art erm... what?